Jake Woodhouse – What is the Green Add Venture Podcast – Trailer

Jake Woodhouse host of this podcast gives a preview of what to expect in the upcoming series.

In this trailer episode, Jake Woodhouse as the host of the podcast, gives a preview of what to expect in the upcoming series.

Jake also shares his personal journey, from being an international freight market broker and shipping coal, to starting this journey of setting up Green Add Venture.

  • What this podcast is about
  • Who are the guests on this show
  • Jake’s personal story and how he ended up doing this
  • Why is Jake making a podcast
Green Add Venture Podcast – https://greenaddventure.com/
Jake Woodhouse Twitter – https://twitter.com/jakewoodhous
Jake Woodhouse Linkedin – https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jakewoodhouse

Time Stamp:
[01:00] How is this show delivered?
[01:30] Entrepreneurship
[01:50] Environmental sustainability
[02:54] Venture Capital
[03:45] The types of guests to expect
[04:25] Jake’s personal story
[08:00] Process of changing careers
[09:00] Joining the Green Angel Syndicate and Entrepreneur First
[10:00] Getting to net zero emissions

For more information go to Green Add Venture
This episode is hosted by Jake Woodhouse – connect with Jake on Linkedinor Twitter
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