Juan Pablo Cerda – Zeigo (RE-Search) – How Smart Tech Is Changing The Renewable Energy Market

JP Cerda is the Founder and CEO of Zeigo. Zeigo aims to build a marketplace for B2B renewable energy purchasing, recently closing its seed round, including investment from the Green Angel Syndicate.
Highlights in this episode:
  • How to market your vision to investors
  • Why solving real problems is always a good starting point
  • Importance of building a talented team, first hires and cofounders
  • Why it is good to have healthy competition
  • Why it is an exciting time to be working in the renewable energy market
Note – Zeigo is the new trading name of Re-Search Energy, altered after this recording.

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Time stamp:
[01:32] What is Re-search.energy ?
[04:15] What is the problem and solution you are working on?
[08:10] From working with oil majors to being a first time founder
[13:30] How software is accelerating the move towards renewable energy
[20:00] Its good to have healthy competition
[24:30] Vision and impact of Re-search
[29:00] Getting advice as an early stage startup?

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