Matt Mclaren – Entomics – Addressing Food Waste With Insects

Matt Mclaren is the CEO and cofounder of Entomics, a company whose aim is to reduce the impact of food waste through insect bioconversion.

Food waste is one of the biggest problems we face today, with one-third of all food being wasted globally. Their method of turning waste into useful, high-quality resources allows them to put waste back into the food chain in a natural and sustainable way.


  • Using already natural processes to a more sustainable advantage
  • How do you solve food waste with insects?
  • Turning an exciting university project into a successful business
  • Understanding your vision before thinking about investment
  • The importance of the reduction of food waste for a more sustainable world

Useful links:
Shell Foundation
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Time stamp:
[02:46] What is Entomics?
[03:25] Where did the idea for Entomics come from?
[06:20] Using insects to reduce the impact of food waste
[08:15] Necessary research to start the project
[11:30] The idea of waste hierarchy
[14:30] Working with the Shell Foundation
[17:29] Advice to others starting out
[22:20] How the team got together
[25:50] Food waste: The bigger picture
[29:30] Local feed solutions as a way of being more sustainable