Liv Sibony – SeedTribe – Connecting Investors With Impactful Startups

Liv Sibony is the Founder of SeedTribe, an impact investing platform focused on connecting entrepreneurs and investors focused on the UN SDGs. With the Angel Investment Network behind SeedTribe, they connect the biggest angel network with the most impactful startups trying to raise finance. Liv believes in using business as a force for good and she talks about her role with SeedTribe as Head of Impact Investment at SeedTribe.
  • How SeedTribe is supporting purpose and impactful startups
  • Why it is important to focus on purpose driven business
  • How collaboration is at the heart of scalable impact
  • How to grab an investor’s attention with passion and emotion
  • The future of SeedTribe
Liv Sibony’s Linkedin –
Time Stamp:
[01:26] Olivia Sibony’s role at SeedTribe
[03:03] Liv’s journey from Goldman Sachs to starting GrubClub
[06:00] SeedTribe’s focus on purpose driven businesses
[12:20] What investors are looking for
[14:20] What does SeedTribe do?
[18:59] The importance of emotional side of the pitch
[20:00] Why it is an exciting time to work in the environmental space
[22:30] The Golf Club Test
[25:13] The challenge of measuring and reporting impact
[27:16] SeedTribe as a collaboration platform
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