James Johnston – Piclo – Leading The Flexible Energy Marketplace

James Johnston is CEO and cofounder of Piclo, an exciting company working to globally change the way we use energy today. James and his team have developed a way to make our energy grids more flexible and sustainable and aim to inspire others to follow in their footsteps and move the conversation forward.


  • Having complete understanding of a problem before working towards a solution
  • Applying flexibility to utilise energy in a more efficient way
  • The importance of building a team and how people form a company’s identity
  • The power of ‘pivoting’ towards new ideas and adapting from failure
  • How different investors are best suited for different stages of development

Useful links:

Piclo https://piclo.energy/

Bethnal Green Ventures https://bethnalgreenventures.com/

Time Stamp:

[01:35] Who is James Johnston?

[02:05] Starting with a solution rather than a problem

[03:45] Applying flexibility to make effective use of energy sources

[05:00] Developing a market place to buy and sell flexibility services

[06:25] James’ personal journey and gaining inspiration from Bob Metcalfe

[08:25] Building a team with cofounders Andy and Alice

[11:00] Learning from your failures and developing new business plans

[14:25] How different investors are beneficial at different stages of development

[17:45] Having a global mission

[19:45] Methods of tracking progress

[21:10] The future for Piclo