Agnes Czako – Airex – Making A Social Impact With Efficient Buildings

Agnes Czako is co-founder and managing director of Airex, an exciting company looking to reduce heat demand in buildings through increased thermal efficiency. Airex have developed an intelligent air brick with inbuilt sensors, to monitor conditions and regulate air flow.

Balancing thermal efficiency and air exchange in a sustainable and smart way
The great benefits of the funding mechanisms in place in the UK today
The importance of building a great team and the ability to learn as you go

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Time Stamp:
[01:05] An introduction to Agnes Czako and her role
[02:10] What inspired Agnes to get into sustainability?
[03:10] The beginning of Airex and their funding journey
[04:00] Recognising the problem with air bricks and working towards a solution
[05:30] The features of the intelligent air brick
[07:05] How creating traction can be challenging at the very early stages of business development
[10:30] The benefits of investor experience and networking, not just financial support
[11:00] The efficiency of events when pitching to investors
[13:50] Having an inspiring team at the core of a business
[16:25] Being motivated by sustainable and social issues
[19:40] What Agnes would like Airex to achieve in the next 10 years