Alex Pitt – Mustard Seed – Investing In High Growth Impact

Alex Pitt is the cofounder of Mustard Seed, an organisation that provides support to start up businesses with social and environmental impact at the core of what they do. Focussing on the importance of a strong team and using lockstep business methods to track progress, Alex and good friend Henry, are helping to create high impact growth amongst some of the most exciting up and coming companies today.


  • Cofounding Mustard Seed with good friend Henry Wigan, and having a strong friendship at the foundation of a business
  • Alex‘s best methods of finding new businesses to support and understanding which qualities to look for
  • Using lockstep relationships to manage social return with high impact
  • How a strong personal and social mission is key for commercial success
  • The importance of getting to know your team

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Time Stamp:

[02:08] Alex’s personal journey and the beginning of Mustard Seed

[05:40] Working with businesses at the very start of their development

[06:10] Developing from Entrepeneur to investor

[07:20] Trusted referrals from current investors as leads to potential new businesses

[09:05] What factors to consider when looking at new investments and the importance of getting to know the team

[11:10] The correlation between personal/social drive and success

[12:50] Using KPIs to track performance and success on a regular basis

[17:04] Lockstep relationships allowing commercial and social return to reinforce each other

[18:45] What’s in the future for Mustard Seed?