Nick Goddard – Spinetic Energy – Mass Production Of Onshore Wind Energy

Nick Goddard is the co-founder and commercial director of Spinetic Energy Ltd, a company devoted to developing an exciting clean tech solution through the use of the Wind Panel. Their automotive inspired approach allows mass production at a low cost, creating an effective small-scale wind energy solution.


  • The advantage of combining different personal skills when building a team
  • Repurposing past experiences into new projects
  • Creating mass production of components is driving cost down
  • The benefits of financial stability when deciding to work full time for a start-up business
  • Ensuring strong personal relationships with contacts you admire rather than making contacts purely to gain popularity
  • How start-up businesses can benefit from a hierarchical structure over total democracy

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Time Stamp:[01:38] Who is Nick Goddard? An introduction to Spinetic[03:15] Nick’s career journey leading up to Spinetic[05:48] The importance of human relationships and combining personal skills[09:35] Taking a fundamentally different approach to achieve success[12:55] How age and experience can reduce the risk of a ‘leap of faith moment’[14:45] How the opportunity of well-paid jobs affects the amount of entrepreneurial activity in the UK today[15:30] Nick’s tips on how to go full time and create interest[16:49] Using social media to raise your profile vs ensuring foundational engineering with substance[19:27] How to approach the investment market and build trust with potential investors[23:00] Building a team and the importance of personal connections[26:33] Nick’s personal mission[28:37] How will Spinetic impact the future and on what scale?[31:34] Where does Nick see himself 10 years from now?
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