Paul Miller – Bethnal Green Ventures – Accelerating Tech For Good

Paul Miller, founder and CEO of Bethnal Green Ventures. BGV are early stage investors focused on startups that use technology to radically improve people’s lives for the future and solving difficult social and environmental challenges. In short, they’re a pioneer in the tech for good space with early stage acceleration of startups such as Piclo (Open Utility) and Fairphone.

  • Paul’s career from student activist to organising hackathons that lead to BGV 
  • How BGV got its name
  • Impact are linked to business model
  • Importance of backing diverse and balanced teams
  • How community development leads to talent curation
  • Piclo pioneering cleanweb move to bring digital tech to cleantech
  • Fairphone’s crazy idea to actually create their own mobile phone
  • Lettus Grow’s early stage aeroponics concept
  • Mapping the BGV investments to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals 
  • Paul’s vision of tech for good

Useful link:
Bethnal Green Ventures
Time stamp:[1:45] How did BGV started? [6:00] BGV’s investment thesis[7:40] Investing in diverse teams [10:30] How do you manage the risks of your portfolio? [12:35] How do you assess teams?[14:10] Tips on approaching investors[16:59] Piclo’s early idea to create a flexible energy market[19:30] When Fairphone approached us they were just campaigners[22:17] Lettus Grow’s approach to reducing emmisions in the food supply chain[24:10] Mapping the SDGs [26:24] BGV in 10 years

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